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Episode 16: 1980’s Matches & Dumb Movies

Breaking Kayfabe with Bowdren & Barry is back for their “sweet 16th” episode! And on this episode they will be discussing 3 more of Jeff’s top 100 matches of the 80’s—including a surprise guest appearance by the man who introduced Bowdren & Barry!!  Plus they reveal their top 5 DUMB movies of all time! They’re stupid, you know they are….but you can’t help yourself! You love them anyway!!

Matches discussed:
– Tommy Rich & Eddie Gilbert (the “New Fabulous Ones”) vs the PYT’s (Koko Ware & Norvell Austin) from 5/14/84 in Memphis
– Satoru Sayama & Nobuhiko Takada vs Akira Maeda & Yoshiaki Fujiwara 7/23/84 in Tokyo
– Nobuhiko Takada vs Shiro Koshinaka 2/5/87 in Tokyo

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