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Episode 87: Wrestling With Parenting

Episode 87 of Breaking Kayfabe is here and we’ve got more color than Bobby Heenan on an Apter magazine cover during the 70’s! And on this episode, we will look at another CWF top 25 angle with special guest Bob Roop as we discuss the mysterious Gladiator that appeared in CWF rings, we take a look at a match from the WWA from 1975 with Dick the Bruiser, the Crusher & Little Bruiser vs The Blackjacks & Pretty Boy Bobby Heenan, our Movie of the Week is a Hitchcock classic and for the first time ever…..we break kayfabe on PARENTING! Legitimate social issues! You don’t get this variety on every show folks!!

Photo of The Blackjacks with Bobby Heenan by Brian Bukantis / Arena Publishing

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