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Episode 5: Barry Rose

The 5th episode of Breaking Kayfabe is a special extended episode featuring more of Jeff’s top 100 of the 80’s, including the match Jeff says is the best brawl of the decade! Also, Jeff and guest host Barry Rose offer us their personal top 10 favorite films…ever!

Matches Discussed:
– Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood vs Sgt Slaughter-Don Kernodle 3/13/83 in Greensboro
– Akira Maeda vs Don Nakaya Nielsen 10/9/86 in Tokyo
– Riki Choshu-Yoshiaki Yatsu vs Jumbo Tsurata-Genichiro Tenryu 12/2/86
– Bill Dundee & Buddy Landel vs Jerry Lawler & Dutch Mantell 3//4/86 in Memphis

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